Kyrgyzstan horseback riding holidays with friends

The ultimate riding adventure on horseback through Kyrgyzstan along the Silk Road

The Tian Shan stretches across thousands of kilometers across Central Asia and is one of the most spectacular mountain worlds in the world. Many areas of the mountains can only be reached on foot or by horse. This riding adventure, starting in Kyzyl-Tuu, takes you to the highest heights of Tian Shan, the area around the Chatyr Kul lake near the Chinese border. This track is a real adventure ride on reliable horses through remote mountain valleys, past snow capped peaks and glaciers. On our journey we enjoy the magic of 1000 and 1ner night. At night in the camp you can admire the clear starry sky of the northern hemisphere and feel a bit like Marko Polo or like Genghis Khan on his travels.

We dive into the world of the largely undiscovered country. Hospitality has always played a very important role in the Kyrgyz tradition. The combination of a varied riding program and the following cultural days offers us wonderful impressions of the exciting, millenary history of this country.

 Our tip (horses, horseback riding, bridle, saddle, etc.)

Horses: Kyrgyz horses (Studs fogged), reliable, persistent and safe to tread in the terrain. Most of them are of smaller withers (approx. 140 to 160 cm).

Saddle & Bridle: Local, Russian saddles with sheepskin or blanket coating (similar to western)

Riding Experience: Saddle-Tight in all gaits with ample terrain experience. The tempo is rather quiet in the mountains, but in the plains it is also galloping fast. Some sections of the track are very demanding, rocky, steep, river crossings etc. Since you will be riding up to 4,000 sea level, you should be physically fit!

Dates for 2018

June 9 to June 23, 2018
June 30 to July 14, 2018


July 23 to August 4, 2018
August 11 to August 25, 2018 (14 days)

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