Quad offroad adventure tour from Kyrgyzstan to the Taklamakan desert


The Taklamakan desert fills about two-thirds of the province of Xinjiang. Its area of 300,000 sq km is mostly covered with about 100 m high dunes, some details even amount to 300 m. The strong winds make these dunes move very quickly, they also lead to the formation of Yardang (hill carved).

The dunes were formed by dust and sand deposits of the last ice age in the Taklamakan desert almost entirely from a lake in glacier melt water (Glazialsee) of the surrounding high mountains was covered.

Dates for 2018:      July 28 to August 18, 2018 (21 days)

 Tour highlights Kyrgyzstan to the Taklamakan desert

  • Torgurat Ashuu pass 3,752 m
  • Taklamakan desert
  • Kashgar - China
  • Tongmurun Ashuu pass 3,536 m